A wise man said…

All my own life, I ain’t understood shit about what was goin on. A thing jus happen, then somethin else happen, then somethin else, an so on, an haf the time nothin makin any sense. But [Lieutenant] Dan say it is all part of a scheme of some sort, an the best way we can get along is figger out how we fits into the scheme, an then try to stick to our place. Somehow knowin this, things get a good bit clearer for me.

-Forrest Gump-

Barely a month ago, my phased retirement ran aground. The practice where I’d worked for15 years abruptly said “we’re done!” By Friday they’d closed the doors. We hardly said goodbye.

This thing jus happen, then somethin else, an so on. Haf the time nothin makin any sense. Things are sliding into place for us like it’s all part of a scheme. We’re figgerin out how we fits into the scheme, an then trying to stick to our place. Somehow knowin this, things get a good bit clearer to me.

A wise old Master might instruct me to be like the frog.





giles_designingHaven’t posted in about a month. Have been wrapped up in National Novel Writer’s Month, (or NaNoWriMo to those of us who are crazy/motivated enough to participate in this mad dash to write a 50,000 word novel during November).

Last night I completed 40,078 words. Even surprised myself. Six days to go at 1,667 per and I’ll meet my goal. I’m not competing with anyone. I don’t get anything but self-confidence for finishing. Didn’t even decide until Halloween that I’d participate this year. And here I am, a stone’s throw from having a “shitty first draft” (Anne Lamott) of my first novel.

What I’ll have by December 1st is the experience of having written consistently, day after day, for a month. I’ll laid track, gotten it down every day, like it was my job. I’ll have shown up for it every day like I had no choice. If it never sees the light of day, no one ever reads it, I will have succeeded. I win.

Probably won’t touch Storm! again during December. But come 2015, I’ll get serious about starting the edit of version after version. If you’re a friend, I may ask for your feedback. But I’ll be able to say to myself, and anyone else who cares, “I’m a writer. I write books!”


8 Urban legends you were right to believe

(excerpted from MSN lifestyles, 10/29/14)

Shoelaces + Escalator = Chopped Off Feet

The Myth: “Tie your shoelaces or else the escalator will eat you feet/suck you in/chew your shoes off,” depending on what kind of mom you had.

The Origin: Legitimate fear of modern technology. In our hubris and sloth, we created stairs we don’t have to actually climb. This is our punishment.

The Truth: Seems like manufacturers might build in some kind of safety feature to that would, oh, stop it at the point of consuming human bodies. But no! Every year, nearly 10,000 children go to the ER for escalator-related injuries, including mangled limbs and the occasional amputation. It doesn’t just stop at shoelaces either. Fabric, high heels, hair, and fingers, can also be caught in escalators, even if you’re just reaching down to pick something up. Bottom line: Just take the stairs, forever.

I freakin’ knew it! I’ve never trusted these monsters


12 Differences Between A Girl Who Settles And A Woman Who Is Satisfied

This young woman is wise beyond her years. Pass these thoughts on to a woman you love.

One Yuni Owl

Two days ago, I had an interesting conversation with a colleague when he commented that I look much younger than my age, that I am still pretty, that I should spend less time at work and make time to go out dating. It struck me how odd that so many people are concerned over my social life (or rather lack of); friends, co-workers and even clients started telling that it is time for me to go out dating. Thank God, I am so far away from my family, otherwise they would start nagging me to go out and socialize more. At some point, even my own mother is afraid that I might grow old without somebody by my side. It is so ironic, growing up, my mother was always the one who told me freedom is the best gift a woman can have. Now that I am divorced, she is worried…

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The Number One Reason You Should Break Up With Them But Most Likely Won’t

Now this blogger is REAL. I liked this a lot. What do you think? gv

One Yuni Owl

Imagine if you were to pose a hypothetical question to your new guy or girl: If something were to happen to me, paralysed or physically disfigured, would you stay with me?  What if he or she responded honestly without any hesitation: No?

Want my answer? No. That’s my honest answer. I won’t lie. In the initial stage of a relationship, physical attraction would be important to me and life changes involved with caring for a disabled significant other would be too much for me at this stage of my life. I am already caring for a young child and working full time to keep the both of us afloat, the last thing I want is another responsibility. Neither do I want to be a burden to another being, therefore whenever I decided to date someone seriously, I would first ask: what do you think if I have a son?…

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Check out Happiness, Health and Hypnosis for this and other helpful ideas. Affirmations. Nice way to balance your hemispheres. gv

Happiness, Health and Hypnosis


I am a big fan of affirmations. It’s like a really simple form of Self Hypnosis.

I often repost an affirmation that has inspired me like this one, but I have a big problem when I hear people use, what I like to call, naffirmations.

A naffirmation is like a dead man’s goal. That is a goal that you could achieve if you were dead. Things like ‘Today I won’t feel stressed’ or ‘I will not let things get to me’. If you were no longer alive then you would definitely not feel stressed or let anything get to you!

The problem with a naffirmation is that the brain isn’t very good at picking up on the word ‘won’t’ or ‘not’. Instead, it focuses on the words that describe the thing you are trying to avoid. In the above examples the brain is focussed on being stressed and…

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A year by the Sea: Thoughts of an Unfinished Woman

19384760I’m recycling things I don’t use, including (gasp!) books. I’ve lugged some to other states and continents, never peering inside again.

Not so with Joan Anderson’s tale of a year spent alone in a fishing village. I discovered Anderson in 2002. Not sure how I learned of her, but she had me from word one. She was kin.

I reopened Year last week and saw highlights in yellow and pink, with margin notes in three different inks. I’d read it five times. Six now. Continue reading A year by the Sea: Thoughts of an Unfinished Woman

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